Bugaloo Buggy created by George Barris
The Buggy has a long and very interesting history that begins here...

1970s - A Barris Fun Buggy four-passenger fiberglass body was used as a base for the
hockey stick silhouette design of the Bugaloos Buggy, featured on "The Bugaloos" television
series.  Since the concept of the show, starring Martha Raye and the four Bugaloos, showed
the group with wings enabling them to fly, it was determined logical for the car to "fly" and
to "ride" on water.  The buggy was equipped with two large flapping butterfly wings, and
twin screws installed under the rear body for high-powered water sporting.  Oversized
headlights looked like the eyes of a bug, while the  taillights were tunneled portholes that
illuminate at night.  Wide oval Firestone tires were installed on Ansen one-piece sprint wheels. 
The interior was individualized for each Bugaloo - each star having his/her own telephone system
and Muntz stereo tape system with individual earphones.  The buggy was painted in a green,
yellow and orange butterfly theme with orange and purple pinstripes
- Cars of the Stars, ©1974

1983- The Bugaloo Buggy was sold at the Cars of the Stars collector car auction at the Sheraton-Universal Hotel on Sept. 25, 1983.   The auction catalog featured
this write up:
Another most creative TV show by SID & MARTY KROFFT, the Bugaloos, starred Caroline Ellis, Wayne Laryea, John Philpott, John McIndoe,
and Martha Raye.  BARRIS was given the challenge to make the group's fantasy rod with BUTTERFLY WINGS mounted on the sides of a BOOMERAND
fiberglass bodied dune buggy.  This buggy was powered by a VW engine.  The buggy is equipped with four bucket seats and four telephones for the stars. 
Multi-colors were sprayed and combined with contrasting pin stripes by BOB BOND.  Quad KRACO units were installed for music backup with the
singing group.  This feature toured the HOT ROD SHOW WORLD and ROD & CUSTOM EXHIBITS.

1996 - The Bugaloos buggy was another television show car constructed especially at the Barris Kustom shop for Krofft Productions.  The producers desired
a small, wild-looking, fun buggy to incorporate into their new NBC-TV series.  To supply an automotive interest for the series, Barris built the buggy in late
1969 to be used in the 1970-71 TV season.  His motivation: The vehicle was to possess all of the fun characteristics that made
the Meyers Manx dune buggy
famous - yet push the concept beyond the envelope with attention-getting color and design elements.  The goal was a completely different and vibrant look. 
Using a four-passenger body mounted on a Volkswagen floorpan, the buggy actually looked just like a  bug - mixing well with the show characters who could
fly and walk on water like little flying insects.  The design featured a T-shaped rollbar set over the rear wheels with a pair of "wings" that gave the effect of
an airborne bug yet allowed plenty of space for television camera maneuvers.  The chassis rolled on Ansen Spring alloy wheels, highlighted with orange
spoked centers.  The fully fendered four-wheeler featured oversized headlights that looked just like bug eyes.  On the outside, the paint scheme was a wild
combination of green, yellow and orange applied to copy the markings found on a butterfly's wing.  There was much more.  The interior was fitted with four
custom bucket seats with leaf-like design elements that continued the buggy's nature theme.  Four Capitol Communications telephones and four Muntz stereo
tape cartridge players were also installed.  A four-tone horn was on board as well, offering a distinct tone for each one of the characters.  Fully street legal,
The Bugaloos buggy was used extensively in the show.  When the series was introduced to the airwaves, Barris contracted with model kit manufacturer MPC
to design a plastic model kit based on the program vehicle
- Barris TV & Movie Cars, 1996.

- The Bugaloo Buggy was uncovered in underground storage in France. 
There is some speculation as to why it, along with other film/TV cars from the
Cars of the Stars auction 20 years prior, was kept hidden.  Hidden due to an
unpaid financial transaction?  Unfortunately, the original wings were lost. 
The story is they were lost in transit from the US to France.  Photo courtesy of bugaloos.com

2007 - The last known whereabouts of the Buggy was in France in storage.  The Buggy
was auctioned again and, a
fter 20 years in France and little known about it's history in
between, I am happy to say the Buggy is back in the light with new owner, Gary Hillman!
The Buggy is now in London and in the process of being fully restored.  In fact, the Buggy
be shown for the first time in over 30 years in a car show in Sweden in April, 2009.
 George Barris
is also scheduled to attend - what a reunion! 

- Seen in public for the first time since being sold at auction in 1983, the Bugaloo
Buggy was featured in a car show in Sweden, April 10-12, 2009.  Along with new
owner, Gary Hillman, George
Barris attended and signed the Buggy!

"George loved it and done a piece on TV about the car.  I also built some new wings
and got them fully working as well.  It really did look like it came alive when they
started flapping!" - Gary Hillman


2009 - Seen here with Gary is George Barris worshipping, I mean autographing the Buggy! 
All 2009 photos courtesy of Gary Hillman - http://ww.mydadstoys.co.uk/Cars/Bugaloos.htm


2012 - Sold again at auction, the Buggy now resides at the London Motor Museum. 
Hey!  The museum stole my graphics!  LOL